Diegodiego – I’m addicted to you

    From writer Antonio Portillo, Diegodiego sings a new and addictive tune you’ll want to hear over and over again. “I’m addicted to you. The song was released worldwide 2 days after the new year 2018 and rapidly become a favorite of our fans and followers.


I’m intoxicated with you – I love you
physically  and mentally dependant – I love you
Your the substance I can’t live without – I love you
I’m devoted loving and loyal – I love you

Everywhere you look, I look
Everywhere you go, I go
Every beat you dance to, I dance
Everything you do, I follow

I’m addicted to you
and everything you do
I’m addicted
I’m addicted

I’m addicted to you
and everything you do
I’m addicted
I’m addicted

Lyrics by Antonio Portillo.

2018 is a year of number one hits for Diegodiego

2017 proved to be a year of wonders for Latin entertainer Diegodiego, each and every song released topped the reverbnation music charts. 2018 is a year of number one hits for Diegodiego. Thanks to you, the public, 2018 is already a great year for the star,  We started the year at the very top of the charts and by the 2nd day we reached even higher levels of popularity.

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Diegodiego – Thalia

Como homenaje a la Reyna de la televisión y la música, El escritor Antonio Portillo invento una canción interpretada por Diegodiego “Thalia,” Quien por más de cuatro décadas ha entretenido a chicos y grandes con sus telenovelas y canciones. Aquí esta para todo el publico del mundo “Thalia”.

Vive cantando
Vive Bailando
Vive Triunfando
Vive Arrasando
Vive cantando
Vive Bailando
Vive Triunfando
Vive Arrasando

Es la Reyna en televisión
Con sus tres Marias
Nos robó el corazón
Es la Reyna de la canción
Con su ritmo caliente
Todo el Mundo Bailo

Ay Thalia
que cinturita
Esta mujer
Esta mamita
Ay Thalia
Ay que bonita
Me la quiero
Comer todita.

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Los Exitos Musicales de Diegodiego llegaron a Radio Cuzcatlan 92 en Australia


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Mark Grabianowski’s Coyote Short Film to be screened at the Austin Short Film Fest.

The exceptional short, COYOTE, is screening at the Austin Short Film Fest on Thur Dec 14 at 7 pm.  on the BIG SCREEN!!

Coyote is a Suspense/Thriller / USA / 15 min.

Deep in the heart of the Mexican desert, human traffickers search for the disappearance of a young woman.

Director: Mark Grabianowski
Producer: Mark Grabianowski, Cole Welendorff
Writer: Mark Grabianowski

Cast: Caesar James, Johnny Rey Diaz, Diana Dorempz Campos, George Capacete, Clinton Ellege, Jesse Charles and Diegodiego.

DECEMBER 13-14, 2017
The 2017 Austin Short Film Fest will held December 13 – 14, at the Southwest Theaters Lake Creek 7
Austin stands as one of the great cities for independent movie making and filmmakers in the U.S.. Adding to this tradition, Austin can now boast an international short film festival.
We believe that short form cinema and its creators should have their own premier film festival in Austin deserving similar recognition given to the feature film and its creators.
The Austin Short Film Fest showcases the best short films and its filmmakers from around the world.

Espinas y Caricias es estrenada en Radio Furia Latina 1015

El Exito musical interpretado por Diegodiego y escrita por Antonio Portillo  “Espinas y Caricias”, ha sido estrenado y programado en Radio Furia Latina 1015. La demanda popular por el tema no se hizo esperar, pues el día de su lanzamiento en menos de cinco minutos la inigualable melodía se posiciono en el primer lugar de popularidad gracias al público. 

El hombre mas poderoso del mundo continúa cosechando éxitos, y ahora nuevamente en programación en las primeras estaciones de radio digitales, la carrera de Diegodiego toma nuevos giros. anda conéctate ya a Furia Latina Radio, el hogar del show de los consentidos y pide escuchar “Espinas y Caricias” de Diegodiego.