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The Greatest Showman



What a movie… Wait, let me repeat that in bold print What a movie “The Greatest Showman” it is… If you haven’t heard about it this film is Inspired by the imagination of P. T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business & tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

Release dateDecember 8, 2017 (USA)
Box office427.7 million USD
Well, the film is already on DVD and it’s such a treasure I totally recommend you get your hand on it… And please tell us what you think in the comments below.


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Kylie Minogue – Golden

  Kylie Minogue has a new album,  and to me that is as if Marilyn Monroe had resuscitated, “Golden” is the name, and  the first track “Dancing” is already being promoted. Of course being such a big fan of this Diva, I  had to share with all of you this wonderful single.

Golden is the fourteenth studio album by the Australian singer. It was released on 6 April 2018 by BMG Rights Management. A large portion of the record was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, where she found new inspiration with its music, and also recorded some material in London and Los Angeles, California. The album was co-produced by Minogue alongside a variety of producers including Ash Howes, Richard “Biff” Stannard, Sky Adams, Alex Smith, and Mark Taylor, among others. Each track was co-written by Minogue, making it her first album since Impossible Princess (1997) to do so.

Musically, Golden is a pop record that is heavily influenced by country and dance music. Described by Minogue as one of her most personal efforts, the lyrics encompass a wide range of themes including failed relationships, death, dancing and having fun. Upon its release, Golden received generally positive reviews from music critics, a majority of whom commended Minogue’s honesty and personality through her songwriting skills, as well as its catchiness. However, critics were divided by the composition and her experimentation with country music. Commercially, the album entered the top twenty in several markets, including Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom; it became the singer’s first album to peak at number one in both her native Australia and United Kingdom, her first since Fever in 2001.

We’d like you listen to “Dancing” and then listen to the entire new album and share with us in the comments below what you think, which track you love most and how you like this production compared to other Minogue albums



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I am Exited To Watch The New Season Of Dancing with The Stars

I am so thrilled for this 2018 season of Dancing with the stars, this year is all athletes and the cast is fantastic as it is controversial Check this out…

  • Tonya Harding with Sasha Farber.
  • Adam Rippon with Jenna Johnson.
  • Mirai Nagasu with Alan Bersten.
  • Jamie Anderson with Artem Chigvintsev.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with Lindsay Arnold.
  • Arike Ogunbowale with Gleb Savchenko.

These people are the best among the best and it’s truly going to be a competition worth watching. I don’t have Tivo or a dvr so I’m going to have to watch it live, but it’s perfectly fine because there is only one life and one must live it to the fullest, and this promises to be the greatest show. Share with us in the comments below who it is your exited to watch!?

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Diegodiego reveals 5 top reasons of why he loves wearing g-string underwear

Some men do wear thongs. Just search for “thong in men’s clothing”. and you’ll see. Diegodiego reveals 5 top reasons of why he loves wearing g-string underwear

1. I feel sexy in them.

2. I like the feel of the material against my skin.

3. I think it makes me look better in my clothes.

4. It is the most comfortable piece of clothing I know.

5. I feel they raise my sex appeal, thongs have become my source of motivation. How? When I see I fit in them and look great in a pair of thongs, One needs to have a physique that complements you. Hence, stay fit to be a thong wearer.

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Diegodiego reveals his top ren reasons of why he remains a bachelor

After five relationships, Latin entertainer Diegodiego explains why he rather be single.

1. I decide what to shave and when.
2. No anniversaries to remember.
3. No irritating in-laws to deal with.
4. I can walk around in the buff whenever I want.
5. I don’t have to change my life because someone else has jealous issues.
6. The only insecurities I have to deal with are my own.
7. I have more time for my fans and followers
8. I can date more freely.
9. I always get to watch and read what I want.
10. The only messes I have to clean up are my own.

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Lipodrene Elite, My new best friend for weight loss

I have been using pre workout and post workout formulas for ever, and in my search for weight loss I came across Lipodrene elite, The new Elite formula is From Lipodrene to Xtreme to Hardcore…now Elite! It’s the first fat burning supplement to use the power of coca leaves! Yes…that’s right, they are using Coca leaves! And out of the whole series, this promises to be the strongest formula ever created by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. Each bottle contains 90 tablets and at a dosage of three tablets per day, a complete bottle will last you a full month

Powered by Coca Leaves
Added 1,3 DMAA
Benefits & Results: What Can You Expect from Taking Lipodrene Elite?
Increased Fat Loss
Better Appetite Suppression
Increased Mood and Feelings of Well Being
More Energy All Day Long

Many people have told me they want a try it and it’s not available everywhere, however here is a link to ebay.com  where I get mine, If your serious about weight loss you will want to get the deal they offer, two bottles for $189.00 Yes the product is in demand so it’s gotten a bit crazy, but believe me when I tell you it works. Hurry, get yours here now!!!

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Squatting endlessly for a booty everyone wishes to pinch

You can’t imagine how hard I’ve been working on my butt to get it looking the way it does, countless squats, lounges, kick backs, running whew, I lost my breath just thinking about it, but nothing is too hard work to sport a booty everyone wishes to pinch.

Thanks to all our sponsors and fans for your donations, I can’t emphasize my gratitude, but thanks to you all I have a gym’s membership where I ca go train and look like a a walking prize for you all, I feel very blessed and lucky to be me.

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I’m Staying in shape reading Muscle and fitness magazine

I have to begin this post with a GREAT BIG THANK YOU, to each and everyone who makes a donation to my blog, among the many things I can afford I now have a subscription to Muscle fitness Magazine. I love reading the articles getting motivated and above all trying some of their fitness products to stay in shape and look as wonderful as possible for all of you, our fans and followers.

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