James Bond 007 Fragrances

I just learned about the new James Bond 007 Fragrance.

Now is possible to to feel like the fine Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig or the manly Sean Connery. But If we don’t have the looks or the sex appeal, we can at least smell like them and have the world at our feet like  agent James Bond 007, after all, life is a game and attitude is everything.

Launched to mark the 50th anniversary of 007, the official James Bond 007 Fragrance for men has been described by GQ Magazine as, “The most dangerously sophisticated fragrance in the world”.   

To create the fragrance, a handpicked selection of traditional, authentic and unmistakably British ingredients have been fused together to create this sophisticated namesake scent.

Source: 007 Signature Perfume | James Bond 007 Fragrances