Transform your flat butt into hard glutes

Diegodiego’s rock hard glutes

I can’t tell you how many people asked to have my butt photographed, I wouldn’t, I made many excuses, truth is I always felt I had lost my butt somewhere it was so flat, but I am a warrior, I work insanely to get what I want, and I wanted a rock hard butt my fans and followers would be proud to admire, and what did I do, a new workout I am sharing here with you.

1. I sprint 4 miles to the gym instead of walking.
2. I do walking lounges instead of stationary ones.
3. I I step-down on assisted pull-up machines.
4. Sumo squats instead of normal ones
5. Hip thrusts
and finally wide-stance barbell dead lifts, and vuala three months later the results are obvious, I now have a butt I am proud to show off. You can too, but it truly hurts at first except the satisfaction of looking good is priceless.

do these two to three times a week plus swimming, it will change your life, I know, it has changed mine and given me even more self steam than I ever had.

Diegodiego’s hard glutes