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Without a doubt the World's biggest music, film and television superstar ever, Diegodiego is recognized by the news media and public as the number one and most famous entertainer by popular demand. A.k.a The World's Most Powerful Man, Diegodiego is the first and only Yucatecan artist to succeed and conquer all the continents. His live music shows and movies, make of him an actor and singer of international stature on the radio, television, cinema, magazines and the Internet. Diegodiego will shake your soul, change your life and FORCE you to stop everything and DANCE.

Diegodiego’s New Model Images – Summer 2017

We do our best at keeping Diegodiego’s modeling profile with up to date images, these twelve photographs are for professional use only in the booking of high fashion advertising, print & TV commercials.

View ​Diegodiego’s Model Profile featuring Up to date Image gallery, current credits modeling and information on how to book him for all your modeling needs worldwide.



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Transform your flat butt into hard glutes

Diegodiego’s rock hard glutes

I can’t tell you how many people asked to have my butt photographed, I wouldn’t, I made many excuses, truth is I always felt I had lost my butt somewhere it was so flat, but I am a warrior, I work insanely to get what I want, and I wanted a rock hard butt my fans and followers would be proud to admire, and what did I do, a new workout I am sharing here with you.

1. I sprint 4 miles to the gym instead of walking.
2. I do walking lounges instead of stationary ones.
3. I I step-down on assisted pull-up machines.
4. Sumo squats instead of normal ones
5. Hip thrusts
and finally wide-stance barbell dead lifts, and vuala three months later the results are obvious, I now have a butt I am proud to show off. You can too, but it truly hurts at first except the satisfaction of looking good is priceless.

do these two to three times a week plus swimming, it will change your life, I know, it has changed mine and given me even more self steam than I ever had.

Diegodiego’s hard glutes

Diegodiego Rompe Récords de Audiencia Durante Entrevista de Radio.

La llegada de Diegodiego a los estudios de Radio México 1370 de Corona, CA. fue muy esperada por sus seguidores.

Diegodiego deja claro que es un verdadero Ídolo, llevando a la emisora KWRM – Radio México 1370 AM Corona, CA a alcanzar un récord histórico de audiencia.

La emisora hace patente el crecimiento de su comunidad de oyentes gracias al hombre mas poderoso del mundo, quien con su inigualable magnetismo levanto los ratings de la estación con mas de 124,966 escuchas de la ciudad de Corona, Ca.


 Diegodiego deja claro que es un verdadero Ídolo, llevando a la emisora KWRM – Radio México 1370 AM Corona, CA a alcanzar un récord histórico de audiencia.

Diegodiego reafirma la aprobación del público por sus canciones con contenidos de calidad, dedicada al 100% a la música y a la cultura en general.

El Actor Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, “El Judicial” se comunicó a la cabina para felicitar a la estrella.

El Actor Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, “El Judicial”  se comunicó a la cabina para felicitar a la estrella, por igual Diegodiego agradeció a Rodríguez por inspirarlo y apoyarlo incondicionalmente en todos sus pasos en la dura industria del mundo del espectáculo.

Y es que Diegodiego se abre pasos solo, haciendo casting y empezando muy desde abajo tal y como los campeones y verdaderos grandes que alcanzan el éxito a nivel Hollywood.
No hay otro, las industrias catalogan a Diegodiego como un Prince Latino y es comparado con Michael Jackson por sus altos riesgos excéntricos como artista. El cantante y actor vive triunfando y reconoció que es gracias y únicamente a la demanda popular de sus fans en todo el mundo quien lo aclama y sigue fielmente.

Diegodiego junto a Damian Vazquez, locutor de Radio Mexico 1370 de Corona, CA.

 James Bond 007 Fragrances

I just learned about the new James Bond 007 Fragrance.

Now is possible to to feel like the fine Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig or the manly Sean Connery. But If we don’t have the looks or the sex appeal, we can at least smell like them and have the world at our feet like  agent James Bond 007, after all, life is a game and attitude is everything.

Launched to mark the 50th anniversary of 007, the official James Bond 007 Fragrance for men has been described by GQ Magazine as, “The most dangerously sophisticated fragrance in the world”.   

To create the fragrance, a handpicked selection of traditional, authentic and unmistakably British ingredients have been fused together to create this sophisticated namesake scent.

Source: 007 Signature Perfume | James Bond 007 Fragrances

I always Thought I belong to a different tribe, I am a Rebel Heart



Every now and then I hear a song that expresses feelings inside me, but I can’t explain them with words. When I heard Madonna’s rebel heart song, I realized she captured those emotions I’ve been longing to scream.

I’ve lived my life like a masochist
Hearing my father say,
‘Told you so, told you so!
Why can’t you be like the other girls?’ (Boys)
I said, ‘Oh no, that’s not me
And I don’t think that it’ll ever be’

Thought I belong to a different tribe
Walking alone, never satisfied, satisfied
Trying to fit in but it wasn’t me
I said, ‘Oh no, I want more
That’s not what I’m looking for’

So I took the road less traveled by
And I barely made it out alive
Through the darkness somehow I survived
Tough love, I knew it from the start
Deep down in the depth
Of my rebel heart

I’ve spent some time as a narcissist
Hearing the others say,
‘Look at you, look at you!
Trying to be so provocative’
I said, ‘Oh yeah, that was me’
All the things I did just to be seen

Outgrown my past and I’ve shed my skin
Letting it go and I’ll start again, start again
Never look back, it’s a waste of time
I said, ‘Oh yeah, this is me 
And I’m right here where I wanna be’
I said, ‘Hell yeah, this is me
Right where I’m supposed to be’

So I took the road less traveled by
And I barely made it out alive
Through the darkness somehow I survived
Tough love, I knew it from the start
Deep down in my rebel heart

So I took the road less traveled by
And I barely made it out alive
Through the darkness somehow I survived
Tough love, I knew it from the start
Deep down in the depth

Of my rebel heart
Of my rebel heart
In my rebel heart

Written by Ash Pournouri, Tim Bergling, Madonna Ciccone, Vincent Pontare, Magnus Lidehall, Salem A. Fakir • Copyright © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

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Diegodiego’s Rock Hard Abs.

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It’s all over between Diegodiego and Bobby.

Bobby and Diegodiego Split.

It’s the biggest news today in the entertainment industry. The world’s most powerful man and boyfriend Bobby C. Split.

The news has gone viral, Bobby hired a private investigator to spy on Diegodiego on the set of his latest film and discovered the entertainer having an affair with several other men. Bobby had become ‘”fed up” with  Diegodiego’s ongoing “secret affairs, bipolar issues and anger problems.”

The couple have been living separate lives confirmed close sources, Diegodiego works too much, is too promiscuous and is never available for romantic time. The world’s most powerful man has not given his side of the story but it is 100% confirmed. the couple have split.

(Posted by the #Diegodiego Team.)

The Public Loves Diegodiego’s Outrageous Looks!


The public simply adores him for his outrageous looks, people do things for him that they would not do for less attractive people. Everything looks too sexy on him, whatever he is wearing he causes a huge commotion. Diegodiego is one of those stars you love, or love to hate. Either way, take a second look at the entertainer and try to decipher why his physical appearance intimidates some and others desire him as  a trophy.


Diegodiego is a man people follow around in stores, people fixate on him, the actor gets a lot of attention, quality attention, we receive endless emails telling us how much you, the public love his outrageous looks, his wild and open personality, Diegodiego’s talent and looks are an Industry, truly a Hollywood and global marketable asset.

The Public Loves Diegodiego!!!

But in the end, the only reason why Diegodiego remains the world’s most searched celebrity, and the one and only reason he continues topping the music charts is thanks to you, The public’s popular demand.

(Posted by the Team.)

Diegodiego books TWO FILM PROJECT’s in one month!!!

Image may contain: one or more peopleCONGRATULATIONS To DIEGODIEGO on booking A SECOND PROJECT in one month!!! ??

This time, the world’s most powerful man read for two different characters and his unmatched talent is taking him on a new adventure in another film!!! Diegodiego portrays “Santiago,” a sadistic man who tortures people,and feels pleasure from inflicting pain, watching them suffering and humiliating them, in Mark Grabianowski’s “Desolation,” a short narrative film that explores the dark world of human trafficking.

Contract HAS BEEN SIGNED between the actor’s  agent Christopher Montgomery & production team, of Marked House Pictures.

(Posted by the Diegodiego team.)

Lance Liu – Crosstie.

A true deity of art, the world’s most powerful man is irresistible to watch on screen. Recently Diegodiego was hired by Director Lance Liu, for a project filmed in 35 mm.  The Latin star was transported to location in Victorville, Ca. in a beautiful BMW Car per request of his representation team.

Diegodiego was transported to location in Victorville, Ca. in a beautiful BMW Car

Diegodiego looking from inside the BMW as he arrives on location to get in makeup and wardrobe.

This time Diegodiego portrays a Native American Leader in ‘Crosstie.’ a short student film.

Diegodiego in very skimpy clothes, which were scratched by the director, an another choice was made.

Synopsis: “Crosstie is a story set in the 1870s about a Chinese rail worker who saved an American cowboy, and then they start a dangerous journey. The theme is that immigration is one of the reasons that America is great.

This is the makeup Diegodiego had done for the project.

One of the challenges for production, was the costume Diegodiego would wear as the Indian Chief, you are looking at an image of Diegodiego in very skimpy clothes, which were scratched by the director, an another choice was made, No, we do not have the final look for the actor, and believe is best you discover it once you watch the movie. Diegodiego’s makeup however is the one you see here.

As for the location, this is where Diegodiego spend most of his day in the desert, two hours away from Hollywood, in he Town of Apple Valley which is located in the Victor Valley of San Bernardino County, The town is east of and adjoining to the neighboring cities of Victorville and Hesperia, 37 miles (60 km) south of Barstow and 46 miles (74 km) north of San Bernardino through the Cajon Pass.

Diegodiego continues to grow in popularity and his workload as an actor in Hollywood has tripled. Few can Prove to be great at being singers and actors, but Diegodiego’s talent exceeds expectations, and thus he continues to be in global demand by the entertainment industry.

Click here NOW, To see what other movies and Television shows Diegodiego has appeared in.

(Posted by the Diegodiego team.)