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Transform your flat butt into hard glutes

Diegodiego’s rock hard glutes

I can’t tell you how many people asked to have my butt photographed, I wouldn’t, I made many excuses, truth is I always felt I had lost my butt somewhere it was so flat, but I am a warrior, I work insanely to get what I want, and I wanted a rock hard butt my fans and followers would be proud to admire, and what did I do, a new workout I am sharing here with you.

1. I sprint 4 miles to the gym instead of walking.
2. I do walking lounges instead of stationary ones.
3. I I step-down on assisted pull-up machines.
4. Sumo squats instead of normal ones
5. Hip thrusts
and finally wide-stance barbell dead lifts, and vuala three months later the results are obvious, I now have a butt I am proud to show off. You can too, but it truly hurts at first except the satisfaction of looking good is priceless.

do these two to three times a week plus swimming, it will change your life, I know, it has changed mine and given me even more self steam than I ever had.

Diegodiego’s hard glutes

Enjoying The Wonderful Feeling Of An After Legs Workout.

Diegodiego Rests After A Legs Workout.

Diegodiego Rests After A Legs Workout.

Legs are always extremely sore after workout. Leg presses, leg extensions, front squats, Leg curls, kick backs, calf’s and Even Abs. All in one day’s routine that make me feel I can achieve the achievable. I am ready to enjoy the muscle soreness for several days. Feel good pain, the after math of breaking a sweat.

Diegodiego's Abs

Diegodiego’s Abs

Discipline is the name of the game. Wake up at 3:30 AM workout and give it my best. My public deserves the best. My fans are my inspiration to do the things I do. And just like my love for all you grows stronger each passing day. The ache, throb, sting in my quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calf’s means my muscles are getting stronger too.



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Nude Sketched Images Of Diegodiego Surface The Internet.

Diegodiego modeling for The “Tom of Finland” Erotic Art Foundation. Sketch By Belasco.

Diegodiego modeling for The “Tom of Finland” Erotic Art Foundation. Sketch By Belasco.

EXCLUSIVE: Just like Marilyn Monroe agreed to pose nude for photographer Tom Kelley during her humble beginnings. There are nude sketched images of Diegodiego which have surfaced the internet, from when The World’s most powerful man posed as a model for the “Tom of Finland” foundation.

The “Tom of Findland” Foundation is dedicated to protecting and preserving erotic art and erotic art education.

In this sketches, The Mayan entertainer is drawn by Artist Belasco. The now superstar phenomenon, Is well known for baring it all for the delight of his fans and followers in Books, paintings, movies and television shows,

More of Belasco’s Art is available for fans on his personal site  However the blog does contain adult material. If you are under your county, state or country’s legal age (18 or 21) … then please do not Log in.

Diegodiego Tom of Findland Art By Belasco III - Stared

Diegodiego modeling for The “Tom of Finland” Erotic Art Foundation. Sketch By Belasco.

Diegodiego Tom of Findland Art By Belasco II - Starred

Diegodiego modeling for The “Tom of Finland” Erotic Art Foundation. Sketch By Belasco.

Diegodiego, More Than A Superstar, A Sex Symbol.

Without a Question The World's Most Loved And Acclaimed Superstar

Without a Question The World’s Most Loved And Acclaimed Superstar

THE NEWS IS SPREADING LIKE AN OUT OF CONTROL WILD FIRE: More than a Music, Film and TV Star, Diegodiego is going down in Entertainment History as one of the world’s Hottest Sex Symbols of all time.

The response from the fans is going beyond the appreciation for his art. The pubic is demanding more and more… Everybody agrees that Diegodiego has that special thing that keeps you watching him, that magic, that mystery. His songs will shake your soul, change your life and FORCE you to stop everything and DANCE. You know that feeling when you are obsessed with someone and can’t take your eyes off of him, you cannot get him out of your head? Diegodiego is one man you can’t take off your mind.

It seems no one can satisfy their endless thirst to have him. Diegodiego. Diegodiego, Diegodiego. Everyone is madly in love with the man of the hour. Diegodiego.

His wild Images all over the internet are spreading like a wildfire out of control. His Official site, songs & videos rank No.1 by popular demand.

Some may like it and others not. But the truth of the matter is… Diegodiego is Without a doubt the world’s biggest music, film and television superstar phenomenon ever.


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