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Diegodiego Has Arrived at

Diegodiego Has Arrived at

The world’s most powerful man remains one of the biggest artists in all the continents and his commercial success right now can not even be compared to Madonna or Michael Jackson. Diegodiego remains the best-selling Latin artist of all time.

Diegodiego is the most successful chart-topping solo artists ever and the biggest-selling Mayan singer in history. The singer and actor is going above actor Diego Luna with historic films such as the Star Wars Story Rogue One, Golden Globe award winner Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. His career continues to skyrocket and this is the reason he has arrived at

Diegodiego knows the importance of unlimited free streaming for listeners. As of January 2nd, you can visit Diegodiego’s profile on beatpals as well as other digital stations to enjoy all of your favorite Diegodiego chart topping songs. You, the public has made of Diegodiego the world’s biggest, most famous, music, film and TV superstar phenomenon ever.

Diegodiego is One Of The World’s Top Male Revue Entertainers

Diegodiego is One Of The World’s Top Male Revue Entertainers

You Have seen him on Major Blockbuster Films, On Television Shows and he is is a prevailing chart-record breaking singer. But Diegodiego is setting new standards in the male entertainment industry.

The globally acclaimed entertainerNever settles for less than the best show for his public and is also one of the top male strippers in the world! Experience the #1 male revue showwith the one and only world’s most powerful man. A quality male review spectacle should be more than just watching get down to his underwear, he should sing, dance and entertain.

Unquestionably the biggest Latin entertainer of the new millennium, and sporting a rock hard body, Diegodiego istrue pioneer and world leader in providing exciting entertainment.
In various capacities recording and performing music, acting in theater, television and film, Diegodiegohas acquired skills in all phases of the entertainment industry and captured the attention of audiences of all ages globally.

Diegodiego can help your projects meet its goals,We are sure Diegodiego‘s success and experience as an entertainer can contribute to your growth and profit $$$. So far people love him. We truly believe your audience would enjoy seeing him do what he does best, ENTERTAIN.Contact our team for special event appearances, radio promotions,live shows andInterviews worldwide.

Diegodiego Begins the New Year Topping the Music Charts

Diegodiego begins the new year topping the music charts

Thanks to you, the public, Diegodiego begins 2017 as one of the greatest of all time hot Latin artists.

As The world’s most powerful man gets ready to release a new music single, his most popular current songs ranked number one by radio airplay and streaming activity data from online music sources tracked by

We are expecting Diegodiego to reach new heights in the music, film and television industry, Timing is everything when it comes to making headlines, but for the entertainer the new year is already making him one of the world’s top stories from around the world and breaking news proving his songs continue to shake the souls of his listeners, changing  their life and forcing everyone to stop everything and dance.

Diegodiego is a Human Christmas Tree.

Diegodiego is Human Crhistmas Tree

Diegodiego is Human Crhistmas Tree

The world’s most powerful man is a Human Christmas Tree for the Holidays. This is an exclusive at how Diegodiego wants to celebrate with everybody.

The I mage shows Diegodiego decorated with blinking  color lights, there is even a toy train below him going around.

The Image will be feature all month of December, so take advantage now and visit www.Diegodiego .com

More than 6 MILLION fans show their true love and support for Diegodiego

More than six million Fans Show their true support for the World's Most Powerful Man.

More than six million Fans Show their true support for the World’s Most Powerful Man.

More than 6 MILLION fans show their true love and support for the world’s most powerful man. After last week’s disastrous crash of more than 3 million people forgetting about the star, Diegodiego makes a strong come back with double the fan base and global popularity.

CLICK HERE NOW!!! to see how high the stats are for The world’s most powerful man today!!!

Diegodiego with Rogelio Martinez

Diegodiego with Musical Artist Rogelio Martinez

Diegodiego with Musical Artist Rogelio Martinez

Diegodiego with Musical Artist Rogelio Martinez.

Mexican Rogelio Martínez began singing at a very young age, supported by his father, artist Juan José Martínez. Rogelio successfully participated in different music contests after his family moved to the U.S. In addition, he started an acting career, making his debut while playing a role in the 1997 movie La Amarradora, working along with Valentin Trujillo and Lorena Herrera. Rogelio Martínez’ breakthrough came after issuing a Spanish version of Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One,” titled “Y Sigues Siendo Tú.”

Diegodiego Gets Ready to Go Back Inside The Music Studio.

We know you want it now too, Diegodiego’s new single I want it now is coming soon!!!

I WANT IT NOW!!! will be the new single by Mexican American singer-songwriter Diegodiego. The release date is  yet unknown. A complete departure from his previous studio album The World’s Most Powerful Man. (2013)

The Mayan Entertainer is currently in the creative process of the song, writing lyrics, picking sounds and hoping to step inside the recording studio before the end of this year 2016. One thing you can count on, The tune will be an all dance production to raise the beat of your hearts.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so stay on the lookout as we reveal details of Diegodiego’s Up coming single I WANT IT NOW!!!

Diegodiego with Francisco and Sergio Gómez of Akwid.

Diegodiego with Hip Hop Group Akwid

Diegodiego with Hip Hop Group Akwid

Diegodiego with Francisco and Sergio Gómez of Akwid.

Akwid is a Mexican hip hop group combining hip hop-style vocals with regional Mexican music. An earlier incarnation of the group was known as Juvenile Style . Rappers Francisco “AK” Gómez and Sergio “Wikid” Gómez, who make up Akwid, are brothers, originally from Jiquilpan, Michoacán, now live in Los Angeles, California. Before becoming Akwid both “AK” and “Wikid” were part of a former rap group named the “Head Knockerz” with other group members Sabu and John John

Diegodiego’s Official Profile on

Diegodiego's Official Profile On Ello

Diegodiego’s Official Profile On Ello

For the delight of all the public around the globe who can’t get enough of the world’s most powerful man news, photos and most current posts, Diegodiego has joined

Ello is a community to discover, discuss, publish, share and promote the things one is passionate about. Ello was launched on March 18, 2014, complete with a manifesto that claimed to distinguish it from other social networks like Facebook. The site promised it would never sell user data, proclaiming that “You Are Not a Product”. The social network service officially launched on April 3, although membership registration was only by invitation.

As one of the globe’s most acclaimed entertainer ever. Diegodiego of course is a member. If you are an Ello member you can follow the megastar at this ello address and if you are not one of the lucky ones to have been invited, well then request an invite and join Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger, founders of Ello and the growing community of artists, designers, musicians, illustrators, photographers, architects and everyone  who understand that their process, practice, values and passions can push the world forward in a better direction.

The World’s Most Powerful Man Takes Over Asia.

Diegodiego on Kkbox

The World’s Most Powerful Man Takes Over Asia

KKBOX, Asia’s leading music streaming service, now features the exclusive collection of Diegodiego‘s albums and chart topping songs  in Taiwan , Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand. KKBOX lets you enjoy music anytime, anywhere, whether on a mobile phone or computer, it even makes it possible to interact with friends and artists via music.

The Mayan entertainer keeps becoming more popular than ever. He currently reigns on the internet, print TV interviews and digital radio. All eyes and ears remain on The world’s most powerful man. There is wisdom in crowds and how should the popularity of a an artist be judged? By the number of people who stream a performer’s videos, songs and albums sales which are skyrocketing, And  though not every one likes Diegodiego for his flamboyant and exuberant style, and despite the public’s outcry. No one can deny the artist is tough, ambitious, and certainly knows exactly what he wants. That is admirable. A lot of people are afraid to say and do what they truly want, they don’t, so they amount to very little and never get what they want.

Diegodiego however, stands for freedom of expression, doing what he believes in, and going after his dreams. His joy apparently is not derived from what society thinks of him. The superstar knows the rules of being popular and unpopular, successful and unsuccessful loved and loathed and is leaving clear he knows how meaningless it all is. His pleasure of being unique does not depend on the permission of another. As he continues to take over all the continents Diegodiego is a true work of art, and Now Asia trough KKBOX, as well as audiences all around the globe know what is like to be under the Diegodiego spell and why everyone is talking about Diegodiego, and why he is one man you can’t take off your mind.

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