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A complete list of websites where Latin entertainer Diegodiego is featured. An enormous list of the best websites on the Internet featuring News, Images and videos of the world’s most powerful man. – Personal Fitness Training

Body Possible

Body Possible

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JC, Personal Trainer at

JC, Personal Trainer at

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News from around The Web

Diegodiego’s Profile on

Diegodiego - Professional Profile, Photos, and Video ... - Backstage

Diegodiego – Professional Profile, Photos, and Video … – Backstage

Backstage West/Dramalogue publication. features  Casting notices and actor resume and photos. Resources and articles.

See Diegodiego’s – Professional Profile, Photos, and Video on

Diegodiego’s actor profile on Backstage, also features Agent, Manager and publicist Contact information, News, links to official social networks and more…

Easy to navigate for casting directors, discover how Diegodiego can help your projects meet its goals, We are sure Diegodiego‘s success and experience as an entertainer can contribute to your growth and profit $$$.  So far people love him. We truly believe your audience would enjoy seeing him in your film and television productions.

More than 6 MILLION fans show their true love and support for Diegodiego

More than six million Fans Show their true support for the World's Most Powerful Man.

More than six million Fans Show their true support for the World’s Most Powerful Man.

More than 6 MILLION fans show their true love and support for the world’s most powerful man. After last week’s disastrous crash of more than 3 million people forgetting about the star, Diegodiego makes a strong come back with double the fan base and global popularity.

CLICK HERE NOW!!! to see how high the stats are for The world’s most powerful man today!!!

Diegodiego’s Official Profile on IMDb

Diegodiego's Official IMDb Profile

Diegodiego’s Official IMDb Profile

IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.

The Internet Movie Database (abbreviated IMDb) is an online database of information related to films, television programs andvideo games, including cast, production crew, fictional characters, biographies, plot summaries, trivia and reviews. U.S. users can view over 6,000 movies and television shows from CBS, Sony, and various independent filmmakers.

Launched in 1990 by professional computer programmer Col Needham, the company was incorporated in the UK as Internet Movie Database Ltd in 1996 with revenue generated through advertising, licensing and partnerships. In 1998 it became a subsidiary of, who were then able to use it as an advertising resource for selling DVDs and videotapes.

As of June 2016, IMDb has approximately 3.7 million titles (including episodes) and 7 million personalities in its database,[2] as well as 67 million registered users. It is ranked 53 in Alexa Top Global sites ranking.

Diegodiego’s Official IMDb profile is Visit today to views his list of full credits on Film and Television, as well as his STARmeter ranking.

Diegodiego’s Official Profile on

Diegodiego's Official Profile On Ello

Diegodiego’s Official Profile On Ello

For the delight of all the public around the globe who can’t get enough of the world’s most powerful man news, photos and most current posts, Diegodiego has joined

Ello is a community to discover, discuss, publish, share and promote the things one is passionate about. Ello was launched on March 18, 2014, complete with a manifesto that claimed to distinguish it from other social networks like Facebook. The site promised it would never sell user data, proclaiming that “You Are Not a Product”. The social network service officially launched on April 3, although membership registration was only by invitation.

As one of the globe’s most acclaimed entertainer ever. Diegodiego of course is a member. If you are an Ello member you can follow the megastar at this ello address and if you are not one of the lucky ones to have been invited, well then request an invite and join Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger, founders of Ello and the growing community of artists, designers, musicians, illustrators, photographers, architects and everyone  who understand that their process, practice, values and passions can push the world forward in a better direction.

The World’s Most Powerful Man Takes Over Asia.

Diegodiego on Kkbox

The World’s Most Powerful Man Takes Over Asia

KKBOX, Asia’s leading music streaming service, now features the exclusive collection of Diegodiego‘s albums and chart topping songs  in Taiwan , Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand. KKBOX lets you enjoy music anytime, anywhere, whether on a mobile phone or computer, it even makes it possible to interact with friends and artists via music.

The Mayan entertainer keeps becoming more popular than ever. He currently reigns on the internet, print TV interviews and digital radio. All eyes and ears remain on The world’s most powerful man. There is wisdom in crowds and how should the popularity of a an artist be judged? By the number of people who stream a performer’s videos, songs and albums sales which are skyrocketing, And  though not every one likes Diegodiego for his flamboyant and exuberant style, and despite the public’s outcry. No one can deny the artist is tough, ambitious, and certainly knows exactly what he wants. That is admirable. A lot of people are afraid to say and do what they truly want, they don’t, so they amount to very little and never get what they want.

Diegodiego however, stands for freedom of expression, doing what he believes in, and going after his dreams. His joy apparently is not derived from what society thinks of him. The superstar knows the rules of being popular and unpopular, successful and unsuccessful loved and loathed and is leaving clear he knows how meaningless it all is. His pleasure of being unique does not depend on the permission of another. As he continues to take over all the continents Diegodiego is a true work of art, and Now Asia trough KKBOX, as well as audiences all around the globe know what is like to be under the Diegodiego spell and why everyone is talking about Diegodiego, and why he is one man you can’t take off your mind.

(Posted by team Diegodiego) is now enhanced with RevolverMaps

See who is connected to right now.

See who is connected to right now.

RevolverMaps is a widget for Blogs and websites, and allows the public to know how many people are visiting a specific website in real time.

The 3D World Map has been added to each and every page of the world’s most powerful man’s official site, so now the public can be informed of the precise moment anyone from any corner of the globe are connected. The widget displays all visitor locations as well as recent hits with city, state and country information.

Fans from all the continents visit the star’s site every minute to stream Diegodiego‘s songs and videos, become updated with his news and more. RevolverMaps are interactive, every visitor leaves an eternal dot on the globe yet their personal information remains private, only the place from where the visitor logged in is registered.

Thanks to the public, Diegodiego remains without a doubt the world’s most searched celebrity, the biggest, most famous, music, film & TV superstar phenomenon ever. Diegodiego‘s official site, songs & videos rank No.1 by popular demand and now it can be confirmed by everybody any time you want to. Diegodiego is one man you can’t take off your mind. Hurry! Log in now to and see who is having the time of their life right now.

From Russia To Malaysia To Brazil, Diegodiego’s Music Reaches New Heights

Diegodiego With Antonio Portillo (Promotions Manager) Portillo Galvan Entertainment.

Diegodiego With Antonio Portillo (Promotions Manager) Portillo Galvan Entertainment.

Antonio Portillo, Diegodiego’s promotions manager is happy to announce that the distribution company The Orchard, which supplies the Mayan Entertainer’s music to major stores, received information from their development team who has been busy signing deals with services and stores around the world to feature Diegodiego’s music.

To start, Their deal with vKontakte / United Music Agency aims to migrate users away from unlicensed sources towards this new on-demand subscription streaming service launched by the Russian social network vKontakte. The Orchard also signed a deal with India’s largest streaming service, Saavn, to include Diegodiego’s music in India and its neighboring countries. Next, a new player in the Japanese streaming market, AWA, was established by Cyberagent and Avex and will also feature Diegodiego’s full catalog. Over in the United Kingdom and United States, recording artist and his technology company iam+ have developed a branded smartwatch which will feature streaming and conditional downloads, now including Diegodiego’s tunes. Personal Música is an Argentinian streaming service and now includes all of Diegodiego’s content.

On the mobile front, Diegodiego’s team was informed that their distribuitor, The Orchard signed a deal with Yonder in Malaysia for their bundled service in partnership with Celcom. Zed is a Russian service which powers the full-catalog streaming and download platform for Beeline, the third largest telecommunications company in the country. Finally, the signed a deal with Mariposa in Brazil for streaming and ringback tone initiatives there.

The World’s Most Powerful Man continues to grow and you can enjoy his entire collection of chart topping songs everywhere you go.

Diegodiego Has Joined Swgbucks

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The World’s Most Powerful Man Is Now Available At The Microsoft Store.

Diegodiego's songs are now available for download on the Microsoft store

Diegodiego’s songs are now available for download on the Microsoft store

Did you know that when you buy an album or a song, you can also download it on Android, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8. and not only that, you can now get the entire exclusive collection of chart topping songs from Diegodiego.

Yes!!! Shop for the latest software and technology products from the Microsoft Store including all the albums you love from the world’s most powerful man. Experience the best of Microsoft with easy online shopping. and get dancing with the unique Latin Pop beats of Diegodiego. Log now to the store to download all your favorite.

Diegodiego’s songs will shake your soul, change your life and FORCE you to stop everything and DANCE. There is a reason why Diegodiego ranks number one as the internet most searched celebrity, You know that feeling when you are obsessed with someone and can’t take your eyes off of him, you cannot get him out of your head? Diegodiego is one man you can’t take off your mind. Click here now to visit the Microsoft Store.