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Transform your flat butt into hard glutes

Diegodiego’s rock hard glutes

I can’t tell you how many people asked to have my butt photographed, I wouldn’t, I made many excuses, truth is I always felt I had lost my butt somewhere it was so flat, but I am a warrior, I work insanely to get what I want, and I wanted a rock hard butt my fans and followers would be proud to admire, and what did I do, a new workout I am sharing here with you.

1. I sprint 4 miles to the gym instead of walking.
2. I do walking lounges instead of stationary ones.
3. I I step-down on assisted pull-up machines.
4. Sumo squats instead of normal ones
5. Hip thrusts
and finally wide-stance barbell dead lifts, and vuala three months later the results are obvious, I now have a butt I am proud to show off. You can too, but it truly hurts at first except the satisfaction of looking good is priceless.

do these two to three times a week plus swimming, it will change your life, I know, it has changed mine and given me even more self steam than I ever had.

Diegodiego’s hard glutes

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Diegodiego’s Rock Hard Abs.

  Here are some Reasons  why You Should Start Working Out Today
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  • Learn to set — and achieve — goals. …
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  • Sleep better. …
  • Get an energy boost. …
  • Increase strength and flexibility. …
  • Improve memory. …
  • Increase self-confidence.

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Body Possible

Body Possible

We found Body Possible Fitness on the web today, you all know I thrive on exercising. Because when it comes to your body you will be amazed to discover what is possible. JC is the head trainer at Body Possible and has a unique approach to personal training and brings a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to all of his clients programs forged over 23 years in the industry. He has had some incredible results with many of his clients especially those who were over weight and wanting to lose body fat. He developed the Body Possible system and has achieved success with many of his clients where other trainers have failed. He has now taught this system to a group of elite personal trainers who now achieve lasting long term results with their clients by delivering challenging and constantly varied workouts.

JC, Personal Trainer at

JC, Personal Trainer at

We love recommending people like JC from the UK, he now works and resides in Los Angeles, his philosophy on training is to make it fun, we truly believe his personal training fitness will help you reach your goals faster, they work with every level of client, from Families to Sports Professionals, from Housewives to Film and TV Actors, celebrities and everyone in between. visit their website today at

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I am grateful for a New Day and ready for a Morning Run.

Up and ready for a morning run.

Up and ready for a morning run.

Thanks to God, my fans and followers who buy my albums and watch my movies and TV Shows, I am blessed to live my life doing what I love to do most, I am so grateful for a new day, and ready to go for a Three and a half morning run. The air is not only cooler and more com­fort­able for run­ning in the morn­ing, but it also holds less pollution.

Morn­ing run­ning involves vol­un­tar­ily leav­ing the com­fort of my warm cozy bed and an extra hour of sleep. Bu I admit I feel bet­ter doing it. Exer­cis­ing soon after wak­ing up gives my metab­o­lism the swift kick in the butt it some­times needs.
Running has many benefits, improved cardiovascular health, stronger bones, a big calorie burn, longer life they are well worth the effort I put in.

Enjoying The Wonderful Feeling Of An After Legs Workout.

Diegodiego Rests After A Legs Workout.

Diegodiego Rests After A Legs Workout.

Legs are always extremely sore after workout. Leg presses, leg extensions, front squats, Leg curls, kick backs, calf’s and Even Abs. All in one day’s routine that make me feel I can achieve the achievable. I am ready to enjoy the muscle soreness for several days. Feel good pain, the after math of breaking a sweat.

Diegodiego's Abs

Diegodiego’s Abs

Discipline is the name of the game. Wake up at 3:30 AM workout and give it my best. My public deserves the best. My fans are my inspiration to do the things I do. And just like my love for all you grows stronger each passing day. The ache, throb, sting in my quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calf’s means my muscles are getting stronger too.



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Diegodiego Now Stays In Shape With The New Fitbit Surge

Diegodiego stays in shape with the new fitbit surge

Diegodiego stays in shape with the new fitbit surge

With GPS Tracking to see distance, pace, split times and elevation climbed & review routes.  SmartTrack + Multi- Sport features which track  runs, rides & other workouts with multi-sport modes or automatically record them. Wireless Syncing that sync stats wirelessly  & automatically to leading smartphones and computers. Auto Sleep + Alarms monitor your sleep automatically & set a silent alarm. PurePulse Heart Rate to get continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate & simplified heart rate zones. Why then would The World’s Most Powerful Man not own a Fitbit Surge to stay in shape?!!!

The Mayan entertainer believes that one should maximize training, maintain intensity and monitor calorie burn with automatic wrist-based heart rate monitoring.
Fitbit Surge lets you track every aspect of your training. Use multi-sport modes for the most precise tracking during workouts and real-time stats on display. Or rely on SmartTrack to automatically recognize and record select exercises for you. However you choose to measure your effort, in-app workout summaries will help you gauge performance improvements.

Diegodiego now also has a Fitbit Profile available only to members who train smart, you can see it or follow the singer here… Diegodiego’s Fitbit Profile it features photos , activity information and more… with prices starting as low as $215.00 or less, you too should get your Fitbit Surge.  Because dedication doesn’t take the day off and competition never sleeps. Every moment counts when you are striving to be the best.  Don’t just workout, do it smart with your new Fitbit Surge. Get it Now!!! Is The Perfect Website to Log In When It’s Raining

Without a doubt the world's biggest superstar phenomenon ever.

Without a doubt the world’s biggest superstar phenomenon ever.

Nothing can be more of a bummer when you have your day planned for going outside and the rain pours. While it is true that nothing beats the feeling of warmth brought about by sunshine, it does not mean that you can’t have fun being indoors. Featuring music and videos which rank number one by popular demand. Diegodiego‘s media is available to stream on any device from anywhere in the world. You can Workout to The world’s most powerful man exclusive collection of chart topping songs. You can read about stories with top name celebrities behind the scenes on television and film sets.

Have a lot of fun today!!! People always associate rainy days with depression.Now you can associate the rain with fun Diegodiego. And whether you  are cleaning up your closet, reading a book or gather with the family and play board games. you can listen to the songs that are bring joy unlimited to everyone’s ears and hearts. logging in to  is always a good way of spending quality  time.

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Feeling blessed after an hour of swimming

Diegodiego, Without a doubt the world's biggest superstar phenomenon ever.

Diegodiego, Without a doubt the world’s biggest superstar phenomenon ever.

I feel beyond blessed any time I can go swimming, and get away from anything that may be bothering me. As part of my daily exercise routine, I alternate strength training and swimming. I’ve always loved how amazing and powerful I feel after going to the gym. In the entertainment industry sometimes you work hard and achieve very little. But even if all i got done in a day was taking good care of my body and eating healthy, I feel I accomplished a lot.