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I wear Jockstraps at the gym, They deliver multiple benefits

2(x)ist Jockstrap Underwear

2(x)ist Jockstrap Underwear

Any time I am at the gym you can bet I am always wearing a Jockstrap. The jockstrap is the most workout-specific cut of men’s underwear there is. It’s engineered for guys to wear when they’re exercising.

But some men are starting to wear jockstraps all day long, not just at the gym. It seems that if there is a quality product, guys will respond positively to it.

A jockstrap delivers multiple benefits to its wearer: it doesn’t cover the legs at all, often provides a highly-engineered pouch, and allows for multidirectional access and mobility. If you are a man you totally understand, and if your a girl just ask any guy, They will tell you it’s the ultimate comfortable experience.