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Diegodiego with Olga Breeskin.

Diegodiego with Olga Breeskin

Diegodiego with Olga Breeskin

The world’s most powerful man with Olga Breeskin during a radio interview of Diegodiego in Las Vegas NV.

Olga Breeskin is a Mexican violinist, dancer and actress who was known as one of the most famous vedettes in 1970s and 1980s. She is the daughter of Russian violinist and conductor Elias Breeskin.

First Day Of 2016

First 2016 Diegodiego Selfie

First 2016 Diegodiego Selfie

While my Green tea brews, I am wondering, what am I doing up at 7:00 AM? I had 3 hours of sleep. I’m really not in the mood to leave the house and go the Gym yet. I’m not really interested in watching the rose parade. Rest is most important before any Workout.

So here is an idea… Sometimes it’s not important when things get done, as long as they get done. I will have breakfast, enjoy the parade, take a little nap, be responsible and what I have to.

The first of January still counts as a holiday. But for me, working out I’ts a priority. I’m not like everyone else. My responsibilities are different, way different. Not like I am better or less than others. I just have personal dreams that require I behave and work in a way that most people don’t understand. My discipline, drive and dedication nag at me to never procrastinate and move free in the direction of my dreams. Those goals that can only be achieved through a journey traveled by walking a pathway planed for myself, with Opportunities that open to me as I progress In my chosen career

Diegodiego returns to work in theater and has been proposed to work for film on the big screen in Hollywood

Diegodiego - The World's most powerful man

Diegodiego – The World’s most powerful man

Diegodiego returns to work in theater under the direction of Margarita Galvan in the production of the bilingual foundation of the Arts “” Agustin Lara – El Flaco de Oro ”

He’s also been proposed to work for film on the big screen in Hollywood in a project directed by Art Camacho and produced by Al Bravo on “THE CHEMIST.”

And as if that were not enough he returns to the music studio to record a new music single soon to be released

The new Diegodiego.com is live

Diegodiego.com Website

Diegodiego.com Website

The old got old, and the new got better. The new Diegodiego.com is now live and available for audiences of all ages to view.

And what is different? You may ask. Well, the new site has more features and is easier to navigate. Also, the music and video streams faster and is available to view on your desktop, tablet and cell phone.

The tours feature allows you to stay informed of when and where Diegodiego is performing live and there is also the store to buy music and merchandise, plus news to stay updated on all the details of Diegodiego’s acting and singing career plus much, much more.

Join the thousands of people globally logging on, and enjoy an entire new experience in entertainment from the World’s biggest and most acclaimed music, film and television superstar of all time “DIEGODIEGO”