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The Happy Days Will Never End With Erin Moran

Diegodiego with Erin Moran.

When I heard the devastating news last evening about actress Erin Moran passing, It felt as if the world had lost it’s smile, it’s charm and endless energy. I had the Joy to meet Erin and walk several red carpet events thanks to David Mirisch of David Mirisch Enterprises (DME)  the country’s preeminent producer of celebrity fundraising events.

We were celebrities booked to attend non-profit events. I recall singing to her in spanish. Lunes, Martes, Muy Feliz, She cracked up every time, and every time it was happy days.  I was blown away that as I was starting my journey in Hollywood and was making contacts, that I would meet this very talented woman and her husband Steven Fleischmann. I can tell you, they were the nicest and sweetest of people, very down to earth and very supporting.

I’m sad I may never get to enjoy time with her, laughing and smiling and celebrating life with the public, but I will always treasure having met one of Hollywood’s biggest legends of all time, God needed an angel who would make his days Happy Days, and he took the most charming of them all,  Erin Moran.